Website Introduction

This website is to provide vivid Bible study materials for those who want to know God's words. Most materials are in the form of PowerPoint. Here is an example of one entry:

1. Preview: Click the figure to preview the PowerPoint file and download the PPT file.

2. Download: Click the icon to download and open the PPs file.

3. Size of the PowerPoint file.

4. Red dot means the material is suitable for beginners, and blue dot means it is for people with some basic understanding of the Bible.

It is recommended that you view these PowerPoint files with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or newer version.

Most of the materials in this website were written in Chinese. We have translated some of them into English, as shown in the homepage.

You are welcome to use, share or modify these materials freely for your Bible study groups. May the glory and love be to our Lord Jesus Christ, who loves us and died for us!

The Bible is the most unique and precious book in the world. God gave it to us so that we may know His heart and know Jesus Christ, whom He sent.

When we received and believed in Christ, our life had a wonderful change. Life suddenly had its meaning. From that moment God became our heavenly Father. He sent the Holy Spirit to be with us. We are no longer orphans. We can now live a life to love and glorify Him!